California Restaurant Brought Back After ‘Brawl’ on Instagram

Breitbart News is reporting that California Restaurant Brands is bringing back the iconic “Brawl” on Instagram after it was taken down by a disgruntled customer on April 2.

The post has been restored by the owner of California Restaurant Brand, and a tweet has been added to the company’s account that read, “Thanks everyone for your kind words.

We are sorry we made you feel uncomfortable.

We will be taking it down soon.”

The post featured an image of the iconic restaurant and the caption, “Burgers, burgers, burgers,” with the caption “Lol @BubbleBurgertheBurger.”

The original post was written by the former owner, who is also a former Trump supporter.

The post, which had a million followers, was taken offline shortly after its creation.

It was deleted shortly after being taken down.

BurgertheBururger’s owner posted the following statement on Twitter:We appreciate everyone’s support and are very thankful to everyone for their positive words.

This post is being taken offline soon.

A screenshot of the original post can be seen below.

The original post has since been restored, and the company is now thanking its customers for their patience.