Downtown Milwaukee restaurants open for business again

Downtown Milwaukee is still struggling after a series of storms last week.

The latest storm dumped up to 2 feet of rain on Milwaukee’s waterfront.

The city has been forced to cancel concerts, movies and festivals.

But restaurants are taking advantage of the new normal, offering diners an easy-to-use menu.

A large, rectangular table sits near the entrance of a popular Milwaukee restaurant, which opened Monday.

It’s a great spot for lunch or dinner.

“We are open, so anyone can come in and order,” said Katie O’Brien, who has been dining at the restaurant for several years.

Milwaukee’s waterfront is home to a variety of restaurants.

At the restaurant, tables are set up for two people.

You can see the crowds waiting for their tables.

A sign warns, “No parking.”

The weather has gotten worse.

The rain caused power outages in downtown Milwaukee and around the city, including a bridge.

Even so, the restaurant has been open, offering food and beverages.

The restaurants are a mix of the old and the new, O’Brian said.

One thing that remains consistent is that the menu is the most popular.

O’Brien said that, for now, there is a large selection of sandwiches.

We are a little bit of a novelty, but I think that is kind of a good thing because you can still eat what you like.

O’BRIEN said that the restaurant is still serving brunch on Saturdays and Sunday mornings.

The menu is still limited, but the food is good.

Some of the items on the menu are not available to customers anymore.

They are trying to get customers to come back to the restaurant and try other things.

And, they are still offering breakfast.

The restaurant has about a dozen employees.

They just love the food.” “

And it is just a lot of people working.

They just love the food.”

At this time, OBrien and the other waiters and waitresses are busy preparing breakfast for their customers.

When it comes to breakfast, Obergs says that the waitresses, who are usually busy at other restaurants, are busy as well.

The dining room is a little cramped with a few tables and chairs.

A table in the center of the room is used for a table, which is usually reserved for customers.