‘Hottest Restaurant’ in Laguna Beach is being closed by authorities due to ‘dangerous’ conditions


– The restaurant at the center of a national controversy was shuttered, the owners announced Thursday.

The Laguna Hills restaurant, located at the intersection of South Bay Boulevard and Lake Calabasas Boulevard, was ordered closed in August by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) after the agency received complaints about the facility’s conditions, according to a statement from the owners.

The facility is located on land that’s owned by the city of Laguna, but the owners were unable to agree on a lease with the city to operate the restaurant.

According to the statement, the restaurant is currently being run by a new management team and a “new management team has been hired and will take over as soon as possible.”

The restaurant will remain open until further notice.

The owners have stated that they will appeal the decision, according the statement.

The restaurant, which serves “quality Southern-style food,” was ordered shut down on Aug. 24 due to a “very dangerous situation.”

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, the building is listed as a Level 3 Superb Supervision Superfund site.

The building is owned by a California state agency that has previously issued a threat to close down a restaurant that it deemed unsafe, and it was also cited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2016.

In 2016, the CDFA issued a final warning for the establishment’s safety.

The California Department for Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) cited the facility in an order in March 2016 for a number of violations, including “dangerous conditions” and unsafe facilities.

The CDFA has also cited the establishment for numerous other violations in the past, including food safety violations, unsafe cooking procedures, and the establishment not having proper ventilation.

Laguna Beach Mayor Mark Campbell called the closure a “victory” and said the city will continue to support the restaurant’s owners and staff, and that the CDFAs decision will “not affect the continued operation of the restaurant.”

The restaurant’s location in the city limits of the city is a short walk from Disneyland, the city’s largest theme park, and two miles from the city parks.

The city has also opened an enforcement hotline to provide residents with information on their rights.

The CDFW has also issued a press release urging residents to call 1-800-CDFA (1-800–677-7423) to report violations.

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