How did it get so good?

As the new year approaches, a new poll suggests that people are enjoying their fast food, while not everyone is happy about the current trend.

In the latest poll from YouGov, more than a quarter of people said they are enjoying the food at home and a quarter are not sure.

The trend has sparked anger and protests across the UK, as people are fed up with high prices and poor service.

However, the results of the survey also suggest that people want fast food restaurants to improve their food.

Almost a quarter (23%) of people surveyed said they would be more likely to support a fast food chain which improves its quality of service, while only 10% said they were more likely not to support such a company.

The survey also suggested that the majority of people do not support the food industry, with only 6% saying they would support a business which did not have a healthy food policy in place.

On the other hand, nearly a quarter said they did not want food companies to continue to profit from the sale of their food, with less than half of people saying they are happy with the current situation.

However the poll also suggests that many people are not happy with how the fast food industry is working.

Only 7% of people say they feel as though they are “very happy” with the fast foods they are eating at home, while 26% said the same about their dining out experiences.

Nearly a quarter say they do not feel happy eating at a fast-food restaurant, while 19% say they are very or somewhat unhappy.

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