How to make Chinese food in the desert

A Chinese restaurant in Arizona is preparing a menu of classic comfort food for a summer camp visit.

This summer’s camp will include cooking and camping at the resort town of Gila Bend, where many families have grown up.

The Gila Fiesta offers everything from noodle bowls and salads to chicken dishes and shrimp dishes, as well as a few local favorites, like the Chinese restaurant that opened this summer in the town of Mts.

Gila, Pineda and Mariposa.

Chinese chef Li Cheng says his family has been living in Gila for more than a century, and has made the move because of the hot weather.

He says the town is one of the most comfortable places to live in the U.S.

A few weeks ago, he and a friend went to a Chinese restaurant and found their plates of soup and rice were ready.

“It’s been so long since I’ve eaten Chinese food,” Li says.

“So I wanted to make sure we had the best food possible.”

He says he has a Chinese chef who knows how to cook traditional foods, and he has the restaurant up and running with a menu with ingredients from all over the world.

In addition to the dishes, Li will be cooking the local food, which he has to be mindful of.

He says his food is vegetarian, so he has prepared a few dishes to be shared.

For example, his chicken is made from chicken thigh and has no fat or salt.

Other dishes include beef with soy sauce and rice, and pork.

Li says he and his wife and son will also be doing their own cooking, but they plan to take some of the lessons they learned while traveling in China and make their own versions of what’s on the menu.

As they prepare for summer camp, the family will be bringing home their own supplies, including a portable stove that they can use in their camp.

They’ll also be cooking for the campers, so they can get their meals in the morning.

There’s no set menu for the cook, but Li says he’ll make sure the dishes taste great.


Gazette reporter Michelle Beadle contributed to this story.