New Zealand’s first cheap-dining hotspot opens in a city block

A trendy restaurant is opening in the middle of a city, in a small town, in New Zealand.

The $3.75-a-head Savannah restaurants opened its doors in an industrial zone on Monday, less than a week after opening its first location in Auckland.

The new Savannah location is in the CBD of New Plymouth, which is about 60 kilometres (35 miles) east of Auckland.

“It’s a pretty quiet location.

We have a great vibe there and the staff are very friendly,” Savannah’s co-owner and chef-owner Nicky Anderson told ABC Radio New Zealand (RNZ).

The Savannah location opened in October and it has already earned rave reviews from locals.

Its restaurant is named after the Savannah, Georgia, restaurant in the James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun, which was first opened in 1962.

“We want to make Savannah a bit of a hot spot for people to come and have a meal, and it’s really good,” Ms Anderson said.

The Savannah locations is expected to open by November.

The restaurant has a “lounge-like” atmosphere and serves a wide range of dishes, including barbecue chicken, pork chops, burgers and chicken wings.

“I’m a little bit of an optimist, so I’m not worried about opening the first restaurant, because I think Savannah has a really good food scene and that’s really exciting for us,” she said.

“The restaurant is definitely the main focus, but we are always open to expanding the menu.”

The Savannah’s opening is the latest in a series of high-end restaurants opening in cities around the world.

Earlier this year, a restaurant in Melbourne opened and quickly became a hit.

And last year, the Michelin-starred restaurant The Cheesecake Factory opened in Paris, France.