‘Racist’ restaurant review for Sydney’s Tuggeranong in NSW

A review of a Sydney restaurant’s menu has triggered outrage after the name was suggested as a reference to the Ku Klux Klan.

The review was published on The Times of India on Wednesday, with the words “Racist, Nazi and Klan” written across the page.

It said the menu at the popular Tuggao restaurant in Sydney’s northern suburbs had been reviewed for a recent restaurant competition, which had been published on the website of the Times of Indian, a newspaper owned by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

“I will not use a term that does not offend, hurt or disrespect anyone,” it said.

Its author, Gopal Bhatia, said he had been inundated with hate mail since the article was published.

“I am now receiving calls from people who are upset that this restaurant has been branded as a Nazi and Nazi-inspired restaurant, and that it has been criticised for a negative review of the restaurant,” he told ABC News.

“This is absolutely ridiculous and should be condemned.”

My family and I were appalled at the suggestion that we should be associated with the Ku-Klux Klan, and I have never in my life considered myself to be racist.

“If we are going to be a racist restaurant, then I would encourage other Indian restaurants to be as racist as we are.”

He said he hoped that the Times Of India would reconsider the review.

Mr Bhatias’ review was written by an Indian author and is based on a list of the top restaurants in the world.

An online petition calling for the restaurant to be banned has gathered more than 2,000 signatures.

The restaurant was awarded a bronze medal at the 2015 International Restaurant Awards, which was held at the Sydney Opera House.

It was ranked in the top 10 restaurants in Australia by Forbes magazine in 2015 and the following year it was ranked by Forbes.

Kunal Thakur, who is the restaurant’s chef, told ABC Radio Melbourne the review had been “terribly hurtful”.

“I don’t think I’ve ever encountered any such negative feedback in my whole restaurant career,” he said.

“In fact, I’ve been on the receiving end of hate mail on multiple occasions.”

We’ve had a lot of people ask us if we’re racist or have the wrong name, so I think it’s just sad that this review has come to light.

“The whole thing has been hurtful to us and we are trying to move on with our lives.”

It’s very unfortunate that people have taken the time to think that way, because I think that would be the last time I would ever think of giving a negative opinion about an Indian restaurant.

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