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When the Internet turns to Twitter: ‘It’s not just for fun’

In April, a former employee of a popular Buffet Restaurant in New York City told Vice News that her employer’s Twitter account, @BuffetRestaurants, had been used to promote a fake food truck.

The account’s former manager told Vice that the account was used to spread false information about the truck, and that she was “forced to shut down the account” due to a hostile work environment.

She described how the account “just became the go-to place for everything.”

The account has since been taken down, but the manager told VICE that her company is “still trying to figure out what happened.”

The former employee said she had to work for six months without pay in order to get the account back online.

“It’s just one of those things where you have to figure something out on your own,” she said.

“People can get in trouble for a Twitter account.”