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How to buy bitcoin at Chinese restaurants

I was in Beijing recently, and it was hard to find any Chinese restaurants with bitcoin signs, but luckily, I was able to find some at a local restaurant chain called Fort Myers.

The Fort Myers chain, which is owned by The Dalian Wanda Group, has been selling bitcoin for years, but its latest bitcoin offering, which was launched in January, is different.

The company will accept bitcoin in-store at restaurants and in the checkout area, and its bitcoin wallet will allow users to send their bitcoin directly to their bank account.

It’s unclear whether or not this will work with other bitcoin wallets like Bitpay or Coinbase, but I imagine it will.

In the future, I imagine there will be a large market for Fort Myers restaurants to accept bitcoin, as well.

The idea of accepting bitcoin from customers at a Chinese restaurant is not new, and the restaurant chain is trying to capitalize on the growing trend of accepting digital currencies in China.

The restaurant chain was founded in 2014 and was previously called “China’s first restaurant chain”.

It opened a branch in Beijing in 2014, and in 2017 it opened an outpost in the capital city of Beijing.

I spoke with The Dalia Wanda in person for this story, and she told me about how Fort Myers got involved with bitcoin and what makes bitcoin different from other digital currencies.

Fort Myers is not a restaurant chain, but they do have restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, and they are using bitcoin as a means of payment.

In Fort Myers, we’re trying to make the restaurant more welcoming for the bitcoin community, so we have an online platform where people can buy bitcoin in cash and send it to their favorite restaurant.

We’re also trying to increase the bitcoin adoption in China, and we are actively promoting bitcoin and blockchain technology in China through our social media accounts.

In addition, Fort Myers has a Bitcoin ATM, which allows people to withdraw cash from their wallet in the restaurant, but it doesn’t have any bitcoin wallet.

I think bitcoin is the most popular digital currency in China right now.

You can use it to buy things, like cars and food.

Fort Mores Bitcoin ATM and mobile wallet Fort Myers Bitcoin ATM offers users the option to buy Bitcoin and pay for purchases with cash.

You will be able to pay with a debit card or credit card and use your debit card to buy the bitcoins.

This means that you can send your bitcoin to your bank account, and your bank will convert it to dollars and send the dollars to you.

There is no fee for using the ATM, and there is no minimum spend amount required.

The store’s mobile wallet is where you can store your bitcoin in your wallet.

You just need to choose a PIN, and then tap it to send the bitcoins to the bitcoin address you selected in the online mobile wallet.

It will then allow you to send your bitcoins to your favorite restaurant in Fort Myers and you can transfer them to your wallet to use as cash.

Fortmys bitcoin ATM has a 2.1 million QR code.

It can accept up to $300.

It only accepts bitcoin at a maximum of 1,000,000 bitcoin in total.

I had the chance to test the Fort Myers bitcoin ATM, because the restaurant was accepting bitcoin in the mobile wallet, but only with bitcoin addresses from China.

I went to the Fortmys mobile wallet on Jan. 4, 2018, and entered a bitcoin address, which contained a QR code from a Bitcoin address.

After that, I sent my bitcoins to an address that was registered in Fort Myers, and after a few days the bitcoins were in my account.

As I mentioned, I can send bitcoin to Fort Myers using a debit or credit Card and it will convert them to dollars.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to send bitcoin directly from your bank to your bitcoin wallet, and Fort Myers expects that bitcoin users will be very happy with their bitcoin experience.