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How to order your own chili in China

The Chinese food scene is undergoing a renaissance in recent years thanks to the popularity of Chinese food in Western markets.

In 2017, for example, Chinese restaurants in the United States saw a 50 percent increase in business and a nearly 50 percent spike in sales, according to market research firm IRI.

Chinese restaurants in America have seen a similar rise in sales and are also seeing a spike in popularity among American consumers.

IRI reports that restaurants in Los Angeles and New York saw a 10.3 percent increase and a 10 percent increase, respectively, in their business in 2017, according in 2017.

That means the Chinese food business in America is booming.

And while the growth of the Chinese restaurant industry has seen many restaurants close down, the Chinese restaurants are still making a strong comeback, thanks to a surge in Chinese imports.

And now, in a new report, a research firm out of China is taking a look at what it calls the “China Restaurant Apocalypse.”

In a report, The Economist says China is the “fastest-growing restaurant market in the world” thanks to its high quality of Chinese cuisine and the influx of Chinese tourists.

In fact, the number of Chinese visitors in the U.S. in 2017 was up by 30 percent from the previous year, according the report.

While the U and Chinese restaurants have been competing for business in recent months, this report shows that the Chinese are making a comeback.

While China has become a more desirable destination for international tourists due to its quality of food and the Chinese government’s push to make its cuisine more appealing, Chinese food is still popular in many U.T. communities.

In addition, Chinese people in the region have taken to social media to share their love for Chinese food, saying they love the food, the people and the culture.

The Economist report also notes that the United Kingdom and other Western countries have also seen an influx of the restaurant industry as a result of China’s efforts to make food more appealing.

“The Chinese restaurants’ appeal to Chinese tourists has also helped to boost Chinese exports to the UK and other countries, with the Chinese eating up a quarter of the UK’s export market,” the report says.

‘Chili’s’ restaurant is opening in South Dakota

Chili’s, the chain of Mexican restaurants in South Carolina, is opening its first store in the South Dakota capital.

The restaurant will be in the former Taco Bell site at 3141 SW South Dakota Highway, in the city of Bismarck.

The company plans to hire 150 employees at the store, which is being built by an unnamed construction company.

It will also have a catering service and be the first Chili franchisee to open in South America.

Chili, which was founded in 1993, has grown to become a national chain.

The South Dakota location will be Chili Family Restaurants’ first.

“We’re so excited to bring the South Dakotans back to Chili as our first North American location,” said Chili CEO and President, Tony Bauza.

“They’ve been our biggest fans for the last decade and we’re thrilled to bring them back here to South Dakota.”

The restaurant, which will have a restaurant and a dining room, is expected to open by the end of the year.

The new store, with its namesake Chili Restaurant, will include Chili-branded products such as chili, salsa, tacos and a menu of Chili sandwiches, burgers and chicken wings.

“Chili has become a family brand that everyone knows and loves,” said Steve Hochman, president and CEO of Taco Bell.

“With this opening, Chili will be opening in a new state and bringing the world of Chili’s to its largest city in the U.S. and its largest state in Mexico.”

The company will also offer Chili products at its retail stores in North Dakota, Kansas and Nebraska.

The Chili family is based in Dallas, Texas.