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How to eat in Cuba

Cubans are eating better, eating less and enjoying more traditional meals than they did a decade ago, but they’re still living in an island nation that’s far from being a paradise.

Here are some tips to help you navigate a country that’s not exactly paradise for tourists.


Cubans can eat the same food as Americans Cubans eat the traditional Cubans fare.

While they still get the same meals from the same restaurant, they can get the exact same food from the exactsame restaurants in the same city, which means you can eat a Cuban meal and have a meal at home.

But for some, the menu is slightly different.

For example, many Cubans like to go to a different restaurant for lunch.

Some prefer to eat at home, but others prefer to go with family.

And for those who prefer a little extra variety, there are more restaurants in Havana than in other cities.

The menu in Havana is often more elaborate and the menu in Cuba is more diverse.

So when you go out for lunch or dinner, you’re really going to want to ask your server for the menu and to make sure it’s the exact one you want.


If you’re in a group of 4 or more, you can order the same meal with different friends in different cities.

In most cases, this will be done by adding your guests to a reservation or on your own.

But if you have more than one person who want to eat together, you might want to call ahead and ask them to add you to their reservation.

If they add you, you’ll probably be able to pick your own table at the restaurant, and you’ll be able enjoy a meal with your own family.


Some restaurants will charge more for their dishes.

Restaurants that are more popular in Havana, such as restaurants that serve Cuban food, will charge a higher price for their meals.

For those in the center, this could mean you’ll have to pay a higher percentage of the tab.


If the food is not from Cuba, it’s probably not authentic.

When you eat at restaurants that are not from the country, it could be that the chef is using a local recipe, or it could also be that they just used a dish that’s been cooked locally.

For instance, the popular Mexican restaurant La Chorrera in Havana will serve authentic Cuban cuisine.

But other Cuban restaurants will often serve American or Mexican food.

This means you’ll get something like chicken or chicken soup, but it might not be the exact flavor that you’re used to.

So be careful.

If it’s not authentic, ask for the chef’s name.

You can also ask for a sample, but if the chef won’t provide it, you should just order your own meal.


Many restaurants will not serve you with your order when you arrive.

Sometimes, you will be directed to a counter where you can ask for your food, but sometimes the menu will be empty.

If this happens, ask your waiter if they’ll make you a new order or if they have any other items you’d like to order.


It’s easy to get lost in the crowds.

There are lots of people who live and work in the Castro.

But there are also plenty of tourists and people who don’t normally come to the island.

While you’re looking for a place to eat, keep an eye out for any signs that say “Chinacana” or “Chile,” which are popular tourist spots.

Some tourists may be wearing traditional Cuban clothing, while others may be dressed in western clothing.

If in doubt, ask the waiter if there’s anything you should look for.

If that’s the case, ask if the restaurant is open, and if they are, ask them for the number of the restaurant.

Some Cuban restaurants have their own private bathrooms and will take your order without your permission.


Be careful of the crowds at tourist spots like the beach.

Some tourist spots in the resort areas may have a large number of people.

You should definitely be aware of the crowd when you’re eating at those places.

If there are lots and lots of tourists in the area, you may be able see other locals enjoying their vacation.

But don’t get too excited.

Some places like the Bautista Beach and the beach in Santa Marta may be popular tourist attractions.

But most of the people who come to these places to eat are tourists.


There’s a lot of money to be made.

If your budget is really tight, you could end up spending more money at some of the restaurants than at other restaurants.

And it’s possible that the more expensive the food, the more it will cost you.

But that’s a completely different story for those with smaller budgets.


If a restaurant you’re dining at has a small staff, there may be a waiting list for a table.

This is a real possibility if you’re planning to go on a long vacation.

While the wait for a seat at a restaurant can be short

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