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Colombian restaurant chain opens its first restaurant in Spain

Cilvaringz’s restaurant in Madrid, Spain, has opened its doors to the public.

The restaurant will open on February 21, 2018 and will feature a range of dishes including chicken and veal.

Cilver’s Restaurant in Madrid opened in July 2015.

The new restaurant will offer traditional dishes, like the traditional chicken and vegetable stew, and other regional dishes, such as beef and pork dishes.

The menu will include traditional dishes like the Spanish classic chicken and cheese, as well as other regional favorites such as the Catalan classic chicken with a fresh green sauce.

Ciro de la Vega, a co-owner of Cilvs restaurant, told Al Jazeera that he hopes the restaurant will become a part of the Spanish culture, adding that the restaurant is a part the family, adding: “I’m proud to see that a restaurant of this size and importance is coming to Spain”.