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Juventus to play a friendly against Palermo on Thursday

Juventus are set to host a friendly match with Palerma on Thursday, March 8.

The first-team squad will take part in the game between the two teams.

It is a friendly game, with the first leg taking place at 10:00pm local time.

The match is being played as part of a pre-season friendly against the Italian champions.

Palerma have been one of the favourites for the Serie A title this season.

They have won the last three rounds of the Europa League and are currently in the hunt for a top four finish.

Juventus and Palerms last meeting in October was a 2-2 draw.

How to Eat a Full Night in New Orleans

Two years ago, my friend and I visited Louisiana and found a lot to like.

It’s got some great food, great people, and great art.

But it was a little too much for our taste, and it was hard to get through it all.

Now, after a month and a half of staying in New York City, I’m ready to move back home.

I was always into places that are like this, like LA.

You go to a fancy place and you get a little bit of everything.

This is LA.

This thing is just about everything.

But you can’t take everything.

And it’s going to take a little while to get over this experience.

But after the three-day-long drive in the back of a rented SUV, I can tell you this: It’s a lot easier to enjoy things in New Mexico, because there’s no real barrier to entry.

I can get in the door and walk in the kitchen and have a cup of coffee and sit in the coffee shop for three hours.

And then I can walk to the restaurant and have lunch there, or have dinner there, and come back the next day.

It’ll feel like a vacation, but there are tons of restaurants, and tons of things to do.

That’s what I love about New York.

It makes it easy to get away from all the hassle and stress.

So this year, I’ll probably be back in New England, somewhere with lots of places to go and plenty of restaurants to choose from.

The first thing I want to do is get a bunch of stuff done.

I’ll get a ton of things done before I go back home, but I’ll also have a lot of stuff to do before I come back.

So we’re going to have a little fun.

I’m going to get up early, go to work, and start writing my book.

We’re going from one year in New Jersey to the next, and I’m just trying to get things done in as much time as I can.

I really love working with my team and my editors.

They make sure everything is going right.

And I love working out with my trainers, my friends, my colleagues.

It just makes me so happy to be here.

But most importantly, I want people to see me doing these things.

So I’ll be doing my thing for three months in New Hampshire.

And hopefully, after that, I could come back and start my own business in a place that’s a little more open to me.

I want it to be fun, and hopefully I can keep building my career.

I have the same goals that I had three years ago: I want a business that’s going strong, I’d like to be in New Zealand when I’m older, I wanna do more with my friends and family, I’ve got a dream of living in a house that’s beautiful, I would like to come back home and live a normal life.

And when I do come back, I hope I can find people who will love me and want to support me.

So when you get to New Hampshire, get there early.

I know some of you will be there for a while.

But when I see all the people I met last year, it’s like this.

It feels like this is where I belong.

I wanted to make it to New York, so I made the right choice.

How to choose a local, award-winning restaurant near you

I’m not exactly a big fan of chains, and I know there are a lot of restaurants in your area that are doing fine.

But I’ve found some great local restaurants to check out while on a trip.

Here are the 10 best restaurants in the Chicago area that offer authentic Japanese food, local beer, and fun with friends.1.

Tokyo Grill (Akasaka, Tokyo)Japanese-style sushi is still the way to go in Tokyo, but the cuisine here has evolved.

Tokyo’s Tokyo Grill, a casual dining establishment, has become a staple for locals, and you can pick up a large plate of sushi at this gem of a spot in the heart of the city.

The menu offers both classic and new sushi and Japanese-style sashimi dishes.2.

Shinjuku Shinjuu (Tokyo)If you like to grab a drink and have a good time, Shinju-san is a place you should stop by.

Located in the same building as Shinjunkai (which is where many bars and restaurants are located), this trendy and lively bar offers cocktails, Japanese craft beer, Japanese-inspired cuisine, and lots of local Japanese food.3.

Nobu restaurant (Tokai)The menu at Nobu offers the best sushi around and a variety of Japanese food from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re looking for a new place to sit and enjoy Japanese food without being seen by your fellow diners, this is the place to go.4.

Tokyo Pizza (Tokushima, Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture)This pizza joint is popular among Tokyoites because of the food, and it offers authentic Japanese style pizzas.

I love their signature pizzas, which feature fresh, soft-shell crab and squid crusts and an authentic sauce.5.

Nobuo (Akita, Tokyo)(Matsuo)The Matsuo family owns Nobuo in Tokyo.

They make an excellent selection of sushi, which are cooked in-house, and a wide selection of Japanese craft beers and spirits.

If the Matsuos don’t have what you’re after, they can also make it up on the menu with other delicious Japanese foods.6.

Shinju Shun (Tokyu, Japan)Shinju Shunchu is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Tokyo and it’s been doing it for decades.

The Japanese-themed restaurant features an expansive sushi menu with different types of sushi and a selection of delicious and affordable local and international dishes.

It also has a Japanese-styled bar that offers a great view of the sushi.7.

Shizuoka Kogyo (Tokuyasu, Tokyo/Saitama Prefecture)(Nanjosu)Nanjinosu is a traditional sushi restaurant in the center of Tokyo.

The owner, Nagisato Nakajima, uses traditional Japanese techniques to cook traditional sushi, including using fresh ingredients and keeping the temperature as low as possible.

The restaurant is also known for their authentic Japanese cuisine.8.

Natsume (Tokoyoshi, Tokyo)–Tokyo Natsumes is a great place to grab lunch or dinner.

They offer a great selection of food, from traditional Japanese sushi to Japanese-influenced sushi.9.

Nankai Dori (Tokuo, Japan)–Nankai is a popular place to visit for Tokyo locals.

Nankingai is located in the city’s old district, which is filled with restaurants and boutiques.

If your in the area, you can check out Nankariya, a Japanese restaurant located at the entrance to the old district.10.

Shin-Matsu (Tokunoshima, Tokyo)-This Japanese restaurant offers a full-service lunch and dinner menu with many Japanese food items.

You can order traditional sushi or a variety that include sushi rolls and more.11.

Kyoto Garden (Kobe, Kyoto, Japan)/Shinmais (Shiraishi, Tokyo)*If you’re visiting Kyoto, this Japanese restaurant can be a great option for a quick bite to eat.

It is a very popular restaurant with locals, so you can definitely find a place to stop for lunch or a drink.12.

Nishi (Tokayama, Tokyo)/Nishi (Shinmaishi, Kobe)*If it’s cold outside, you might want to check this Japanese-owned restaurant out for a good lunch or late-night dinner.

The staff will warm you up for a tasty meal.13.

Tokyo Market (Shibuya, Tokyo*)*The Tokyo Market is a good place to shop for Japanese-grown produce.

You’ll find Japanese vegetables and produce in the fresh market market.14.

Tokyo Garden (Nanjing, Tokyo).

Tokya Garden is an iconic Japanese restaurant that serves delicious, quality Japanese food and offers delicious, affordable sushi.

It’s a popular spot for visiting Tokyo for lunch and a place for dinner.15. Kyoto