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How to eat at palm springs restaurant in Palm Springs

Palm Springs restaurants have a reputation for serving up a wide variety of food from local produce to exotic dishes.

Now, they’re trying to change that by turning some of those plates into a canvas for creativity.

The Palm Springs area has a rich history of food and dining, but many of its restaurants have struggled financially and are not welcoming to new customers.

So, Palm Springs restaurateurs are trying to create their own little food culture, which will hopefully help attract customers who might otherwise be hesitant to make the trek to the desert.

“We don’t want to be a place where everyone’s a tourist,” said Palm Springs chef Matt Parnell, whose family has operated a restaurant in the city since the 1970s.

“But people come for a taste of something different and for something different, that’s what we want.”

The idea of creating a place to showcase local produce, from vegetables to meat, came from Parnells wife, Karen.

“Karen and I have always wanted to create something that’s just a little bit different,” Parnels said.

“You can find some really great things on the table, but you can also find some that are pretty bland and you can find a few that are really, really tasty.”

The Palm-Springs restaurants will feature a selection of fresh and local produce in the form of small plates, salads, sandwiches, and more.

“What’s important to us is we’re trying not to just replicate the menu at a restaurant but we’re creating our own version of that menu,” Pernell said.

Parnelli hopes his food will help attract people to Palm Springs.

“People are going to come here to eat because of what they’ve heard or seen on the TV shows or what they heard from friends and family,” Phernell said, adding that he hopes that the concept will also attract new customers to the area.

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