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Brazilian Restaurant and Red Bank Restaurant to open in New Jersey

BERNARDO VALLEJO, N.J. (AP) A Brazilian restaurant and a Red Bank restaurant will open in Newark’s Red Bank neighborhood this summer, the New Jersey Tourism Department announced Thursday.

Bosque Restaurant & Bar, located at 605 N. Market St., will open June 30, the department said.

The restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Red Bank location will open for breakfast on July 2.

Brunswick’s, located on New Jersey Avenue in Red Bank, will open May 6, and Red Bar, at 615 W. Broad St., on May 10.

Red Bank will be home to New Jersey’s first Mexican restaurant, the El Taco Mexican Restaurant, which opened in 2011.

New Jersey City’s Mexican Restaurant Association has said it’s seeking to open another Mexican restaurant in the borough by 2020.

Moscow restaurant to close after police raid

Moscow, Russia — Restaurants in Russia’s capital are set to close on April 14 after the authorities raided the premises.

The owners are the Red Bank restaurants and the restaurant is named after Moscow’s Red Bank, the capital’s most popular street.

The owners, Ruslan Dukhanov and Nikolai Yevtushenko, have been accused of violating laws against discrimination and violating a ban on discrimination in public places.

The authorities have also raided the offices of the Redbank restaurant, including the management and managers.

The owners have not yet commented.

The Redbank restaurants are located in Red Square, the site of the Soviet Union’s Communist Party headquarters.

They serve a wide variety of ethnic and religious cuisine.

New Orleans restaurant to open next month after owner’s death

Posted October 12, 2019 17:14:56 The Red Bank location of Guy Fieri’s popular New Orleans eatery is about to open its doors.

The restaurant, located at 6051 Red Bank Ave, will be the second location for Guy Fierro, owner of the popular Red Bank eatery on Bourbon Street.

Fiero is known for his signature fried chicken sandwiches.

The restaurant’s opening is expected to coincide with the annual “Chef’s Choice” barbecue competition, which is being held in New Orleans, and Fieri is planning to hold his first event on Thursday.

Guy Firi, who opened Guy Fos, has said he plans to open a second location in the city.

Guy has been a member of the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce since the 1980s, and the restaurant has received rave reviews.

Guy was born in New York and moved to the city at the age of 13.

Guy said in a statement that the Red Bank restaurant is a unique venue and location in which to showcase the variety of New Orleans restaurants.

“We are very excited to offer this new location, which will showcase a very diverse menu of dishes that includes a number of national and regional favorites,” he said.

Guy Fieri said in an interview with the New York Times in October that he had been looking for a new restaurant location since he first heard about it from the New Yorker who knew the owners.

Guy is also the owner of New World, a restaurant and restaurant business in New Jersey that opened in March.

Guy told the Times he’s looking forward to opening the Red River location because it has a “great atmosphere.”

“I think it’s a great venue,” he told the newspaper.

Guy said in October he had the idea to open the Red Bridge restaurant after seeing an article about New Orleans chef Anthony Bourdain’s book, “Food Truck Wars,” in which he describes the city as a “boulevard of food” that’s been “mixed up for decades.”

The article was shared widely on social media by local chefs and food bloggers.

Guy’s other restaurants include Guy’s BBQ, a BBQ joint in New Hampshire; Guy’s Grill and the New River, a small restaurant and BBQ joint on the river in New River Falls, Maine; and Guy’s Steakhouse in New Port Richey, Florida.

He also has several restaurants in the Tampa Bay area and plans to launch an online restaurant site later this year.

Guy has said the Red Banks location will offer “a wide range of cuisines and cuisine, including fish and seafood, seafood cocktails, and a full bar.”