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How to find the best seafood in Portugal

Portugal is the world’s biggest exporter of seafood, accounting for more than 90 per cent of its seafood exports, and it is one of the worlds most expensive destinations for seafood.

Here are some of the best ways to find it at the moment.

Food, drink and wine The best restaurants in Portugal The best restaurant in Portugal 1.

Nacional – A Portuguese version of the UK’s L’Oréal Parisian, Nacionntica is a Michelin-starred eatery on the southern tip of Lisbon.

It’s got a wide menu, with dishes like beef fritters, pork loin with beetroot sauce, a smoked lamb roast, and grilled lobster, among others.

The restaurant is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


El Barrio – A new restaurant from the founder of the renowned El Barrios restaurant chain, El Barro.

The interior is made of wood, and the menu features dishes like a beef dish with smoked ham, an Italian sausage, a grilled chicken sandwich, a pasta dish, and more.

El Bira – El Barria’s latest restaurant in Lisbon, it’s also on the South Coast of Portugal.

Its menu has a selection of regional dishes, and they have some new dishes like an oyster risotto with black pepper sauce, and a lobster and duck in a prawn soup.


The Biergarten – The German-inspired Bier Garten is a gastronomic paradise in the heart of Lisbon’s Białowieża neighbourhood.

It is a four-course restaurant with a main menu of classic dishes such as beef stew, duck, chicken and fish, and vegetarian dishes.

It has a range of wines, beers and spirits on offer.


Casa de Cesar – Casa Cesar is a boutique restaurant on the city’s historic Malventura beach, featuring a menu of traditional Portuguese dishes, including fish and chips and grilled beef.


The Portuguese Kitchen – A modern take on the classic Portuguese food, this gastronomy bar features an excellent range of dishes, from fish dishes, to seafood, to desserts, and many are vegetarian.


The Bar and Grill – An exclusive restaurant and bar with a huge selection of Portuguese beers on offer, this is the perfect place to meet your friends and socialise.


The Rooftop Bar – An upscale restaurant with two bars – one on the ground floor, and one on top, and this is where you can grab a bite to eat while watching the sunset.


Nantuno de São Miguel – This popular Portuguese restaurant is a modern, contemporary eatery.

The menu is a mixture of traditional and contemporary dishes.


Casada – The Portuguese restaurant at the foot of the São Carlos River, with a variety of seafood dishes.


La Goya – A small but chic Portuguese restaurant on Lisbon’s outskirts, with traditional Portuguese flavours.


The La Vieira – An elegant restaurant that has been opened by the owners of the Portuguese restaurant La Vieiras.

It features an extensive wine list and a wide range of seafood.


Boca Grande – The bar at the corner of the historic beach where Boca and Santander are located, offers a wide variety of Portuguese dishes.


Córdoba – This Portuguese restaurant in the center of Lisbon, featuring traditional Portuguese foods and drinks.


The Restaurant de Cui – This is a popular Portuguese gastronomical bar on the corner where you’ll find many Portuguese restaurants and bars.


The Beach Bar – The most popular Portuguese bar in the city centre, featuring Portuguese food and drinks, with an extensive range of traditional Brazilian and Portuguese dishes on offer along with local beers.


The Diner de Santander – This restaurant has an extensive menu of Portuguese cuisine, and also offers a range with regional dishes.


La Sólo – This unique Portuguese restaurant, located in the old Portuguese village of Santander, is renowned for its traditional Portuguese cuisine.

It offers a variety menu of Brazilian and Brazilian-inspired dishes.


La Luz – This historic Portuguese restaurant with an intimate atmosphere and a beautiful view of the lake, is located in an old Portuguese villa in Lisbon’s historic district of Santanara.


Líns – This Brazilian restaurant in central Lisbon is famous for its seafood and traditional Portuguese food.


The Lido de Bar – This old Portuguese bar on Lisbon City’s old Porte de Cóndoba pier has an excellent selection of seafood and local beer.


The Fira Bar – A traditional Portuguese bar near the river, the Fira is an upscale restaurant in a traditional Portuguese village, featuring local beer, and wines from around the region.


La Línges – A very traditional Portuguese restaurant located in a rural area of Lisbon that features local and regional foods and beverages.