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How to eat a Chinese restaurant in Australia

Aussie eateries are popping up across the country, as restaurants open their doors to the world.

From humble Chinese restaurants in the Northern Territory to the big names in Sydney, there’s a wide range of cuisines and options available to Australians.

“When I was growing up, there were a few Chinese restaurants,” says Lianne Gee, the manager of a Chinese-inspired eatery in Melbourne.

“But we were always in a hurry and we’d get to the front of the queue and there were only a few tables open.”

So, Liannne decided to open her own restaurant in Melbourne, and she has already received rave reviews.

“It’s a real pleasure to come here and I’m so happy to be here.

It’s a different culture to other places I’ve come across,” she says.

Chinese restaurant opening in Sydney Aussie restaurant opening near youThe new restaurant at St John Street in the CBD is opening its doors to Sydney customers on September 1.

“We have a very small menu but we’ll be offering some special menu items, so please come in,” she tells ABC Radio Melbourne.

Read more about Chinese restaurants:”I’m sure that some people might think we’re a bit quirky and quirky Chinese restaurants don’t do that kind of thing.”

The opening of a new restaurant is a major milestone for the Chinese community in Sydney.

“I feel very happy about it.

I think it will be a really big thing in terms of the community and people coming here and enjoying the Chinese food and the Chinese culture and I think that’s a really good thing,” says Ms Gee.”

The opening is definitely a sign of hope for a new generation of Chinese Australians.”

Lianne and her team have already opened two other restaurants in Sydney but they’ve just launched a new one in the city.

“As a community we’re really excited,” she adds.

“This is the first one of its kind in Sydney so it’s great to see a Chinese place opening.”

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