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Thai restaurant to open next year in Seattle

Thai restaurant owners are hoping to open their first Seattle restaurant in the next year.

The owner of Thai Kitchen in Seattle said in a statement Tuesday that the restaurant will open in the near future.

Thai Kitchen has been open for about two years, serving Thai cuisine in the Pioneer Courthouse Square area of downtown Seattle.

Owner Chicha Wong told KING 5 that her father, the owner of the restaurant, started to plan the restaurant a year ago.

Wong said that the company has been working on the restaurant for about six months.

“I started thinking that this is something that I would be proud to open,” Wong said.

The Thai Kitchen restaurant is expected to open in December of 2019.

It will be located in the former Hooters space at 17th and Pine streets.

The Thai Kitchen is a new concept for the restaurant.

The owners of Thai Restaurant said that their menu will be limited to just two options, including the Thai Curry and the Thai Beef Curry.

They also said that they will be limiting the amount of alcohol on the menu.

The restaurant will be open to all Seattle residents over the age of 21, Wong said, adding that the owners will be using a portion of the proceeds from the restaurant’s sales to support their programs in Southeast Asia.

Thai restaurant named best in US

Thai restaurant owner has been named the best restaurant in the US for 2018, beating out two other contenders.

Thai Restaurant Group, which runs more than 50 Thai restaurants in the United States, also received the top accolade for food and wine in the Best of the Rest category.

The awards were announced by Michelin in Los Angeles on Wednesday, which recognized the best restaurants in 10 categories including dining, dining, entertainment, wine, service and entertainment.

The restaurant group also received five Michelin Stars, five stars in the restaurant category and five stars for dining and service.

Thai Restaurants said it plans to continue expanding its menu, including Thai seafood, Thai salads, Thai desserts and Thai food.

The company’s founder, Nai Thongrong, is a New Yorker who emigrated to Thailand with his family in 1998 and started Thai Restaurations in 2006.

He is now based in Los Angles.

Michelin said Thai Restaurances has “received rave reviews from our guests.”

The restaurant groups members said they are proud of the achievements of the restaurant groups employees and other team members.

“The success of Thai Restaurisions demonstrates that there are opportunities for restaurant chains to become the world leaders in the fast food industry,” said Meryl J. Shultz, president of Michelin, in a statement.

“Our restaurants have provided millions of diners with dining experiences, great food and outstanding service, which is why we award the Michelin Restaurant Guide each year to the top restaurants in America.”