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Which restaurants are vegetarian or vegan?

A vegan restaurant chain in India has created a vegan menu that includes chicken kofta, rice, vegetable and fruit.

The menu is available at some vegetarian eateries in the city of Pune and includes items such as a rice cake and chicken kontakto.

Kerala is the only state in India where there are no restrictions on meat and dairy consumption, and the government has been pushing for stricter laws on the meat industry in recent years.

Vegans in India have also been growing in numbers in recent months.

A survey conducted by the Food and Consumer Organization of India in June found that about one million Indians are vegetarian, with about 50 per cent of them consuming a vegan diet.

In September, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) reported that meat consumption in India rose to more than 40 per cent, with a similar increase seen in the developing world.

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