‘Trump will go to war’: Democrats rally for veterans in DC

Democrats in Washington are urging President Donald Trump to go to “war” with North Korea to deter Kim Jong Un’s threats, as they seek to convince voters he is serious about pursuing a diplomatic resolution.

The president has already threatened to launch missiles at the Korean Peninsula to retaliate against any attack against the United States or its allies, but Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee are hoping the president will go beyond that to go after North Korea diplomatically.

Democrats on the panel are asking the Trump administration to immediately lift the economic sanctions on Pyongyang and to allow North Korea a chance to restart its plutonium program.

“We are calling on the administration to take immediate action to lift the sanctions and allow North Korean leaders a chance at restarting their plutonium program,” said Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), the top Democrat on the Armed Services panel.

“If the president does not do this, it will have an immediate impact on North Korea’s ability to pursue a nuclear weapons capability,” she said.

Speier, who was among the first lawmakers to endorse a presidential bid, said that Trump’s threats against North Korea were unwise and that he has a long record of “failing to lead” on foreign policy issues.

“It’s a very risky thing for the president to do,” she told reporters.

“I’m not advocating a war, but we need to be clear what he is actually threatening and not advocating.

I don’t think we should be talking about a war.”

The lawmakers are pushing for a stronger military, greater sanctions and tougher enforcement measures.

The Trump administration has been criticized by both Democrats and Republicans for not taking North Korea seriously enough, and for failing to take North Korea more seriously during the campaign.

But Democrats believe Trump’s rhetoric is changing, with his threats becoming more aggressive and he signaling he may abandon his campaign promises to negotiate with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

“I think he’s been really, really aggressive on the threat of war,” said Sen. Ed Markey (D).

“I think that the President has been more serious in that he is calling for war.

He has really changed his position.

I think that’s a real testament to the seriousness of the threat he’s posed to North Korea.”

The Trump transition team said it was working on a “plan to make the president’s threats more credible and effective,” but said the effort was still in its early stages.

“The Trump Administration is actively considering a new approach to deterring North Korea, and we are considering options to ensure the U.S. remains on the right side of history by providing North Korea with the ability to safely test and develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles,” said Caitlin Hayden, a spokesperson for the transition team.

“The U.K. Government is also reviewing the potential options.”

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